Social and Economic benefits



The affordable low-cost housing specialists

• Durable
• Thermally Efficient
• Damp Proof
• Fire Resistant
• Earthquake Resistant

A prefabricated cavity wall system that makes no compromise on the highest possible building quality

Developed in South Africa for local African conditions


The Readykit system is easily adaptable for self-help housing projects.


We erect the house onto a properly prepared raft foundation and roof it within two or at the most three days.

To finish it, the owner merely needs to apply the lime/cement plaster to the panels, paint, glaze, and the house is then ready for the doors to be hung, plumbing fittings installed, and electric loom for a formal reticulation to the plug and switch boxes already in place.

Benefits for the Economy

The economic benefit is a sharp growth in home industry and lessened dependence upon jobs. As the concept spreads, so does productivity increase which helps support the value of the currency, reduce inflation, spread the training of building skills and the institutions that provide it, promote home ownership, and reduce crime.

Health and Social Benefits

One of the hidden scourges that hit our economic productivity is sickness. Overcrowded tiny units that are built of single skin block are very difficult to insulate, and are inclined to sweat. In such conditions diseases such as TB thrive. The Western Cape of South Africa suffers heavy winter rainfall and now has the highest incidence of TB in the world. And we wonder why.

When the owner is directly involved in completing the house, there is a sense of self-worth, and pride in something important of value that he or she have created. Without this approach the big social danger is the growth of slums and all the social evils that go with them.





The owner benefits from

  • A bigger house for the money
  • A house that reflects the owner's needs in size and shape in relation to the site
  • A house that will not "sweat" regardless of climate and nature of use
  • Excellent temperature insulation that promotes good health
  • An ideal unit from which to start a business
  • Pride in the skills acquired during the building process which reflects in better finishes and colours that reflect the owner’s tastes