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• Durable
• Thermally Efficient
• Damp Proof
• Fire Resistant
• Earthquake Resistant

A prefabricated cavity wall system that makes no compromise on the highest possible building quality

Developed in South Africa for local African conditions


Franchise opportunities exist for those interested in setting up a fabricating unit in their home location.



Readykit will direct the setting up of the factory, and acquisition of plant and raw materials appropriate to the anticipated demand during the first 36 months.


Readykit will also help you in the initial marketing, especially in obtaining official approval for use of the system in terms of building regulations in your area.

To find out how to take a franchise, the cost, nature of the disclosure and franchise agreements, contact us and give brief details and nature of the housing opportunities in your area and your previous experience in manufacturing, project management, or building.

Serious enquiries will be
treated in confidence.





Suitability and Requirements

The system is most efficient when the fabrication of the panels is near to the construction site. This applies especially to track housing and assisted self-help housing schemes when the cost of transport is an important factor. Proximity to a sawmill is also useful as timber should be bought in bulk, untreated at the best possible price.

Readykit Housing is designed mainly for self-help, but is also ideally suited to the provision of track housing, where a building contractor takes over the site management, and the Readykit unit merely delivers the right house in panel form to the right site on the right day.