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• Durable
• Thermally Efficient
• Damp Proof
• Fire Resistant
• Earthquake Resistant

A prefabricated cavity wall system that makes no compromise on the highest possible building quality

Developed in South Africa for local African conditions


The ReadyKit system is the brainchild of Michael Hill
of Cape Town, South Africa, who holds the patent.


Unique, Patented Construction System

The secret lies in our patented cavity wall system by which an acrylic resin cured fibreglass mesh is attached to each face of the frame. When plastered the timber performs merely a structural role, with a lime/cement plaster on each face providing the insulation and finish.

Established & Approved

The system was developed in 1993 and has been fully tested and approved by government, local authorities and the banks.

Houses erected during the test phase 1994/5 are still happily occupied by the original owners, and an office building for Portnet at Cape Town Harbour subsequently sustained the demolition of a corner of the building by a heavy vehicle, without damage to anywhere other than that directly impacted.

Temperature insulation is similar to that of a cavity wall of clay bricks. The SABS strength and water resistance tests were passed easily, and there is a 60 minute SABS fire rating.





Companies contracted to promote the product via direct production as well as franchising are:

Cape Town

Readykit Cape (Pty) Ltd.
P.O. Box 393
Somerset West


The Office

0027 21 510 2233

The Factory

0027 21 852 3023

Mike Hill (mobile)

0027 82 403 6929


0027 21 510 2273